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Ilse van Roy, Famke Storms, Fee Veraghtert, Louisa Vergozisi



‘Above all, let us feel the work. Let it be visual, to be experienced, and not just to be understood.’


Hindsight means collecting. The collecting and collections of four artists from the Netherlands and Belgium, whose work across different media shares a finesse, an attention to detail and an importance of the final gestures. The collecting of memories, ideas, forms, and shapes to then pour these into scenographies, into certain spatial constellations. The collecting of own archives and bringing these together in this exhibition, that can be seen more as a collaboration.


Hindsight means time. The time for reflecting on something that has happened. The time for rethinking things in the past with the knowledge of the present. The time in the past that four artists put into the making of their work. The time in the present that they come together to bring these works together into a show. The time in the future that they ask from us as viewers to look at their work.


Hindsight means condensation. The condensation of initial inspiration into ideas, and from ideas and sketches into the final visual works. The process of condensation by focusing only on the details that demand to be put into the art and filtering out the rest. The condensation from a full artist studio into a selection of works that fit into a car or a bag to be carried by two hands, into a curated collection of works by each artist as they are distilled into a cohesive exhibition during the work process at B32. The act of condensation also functions an act of expansion: to be inspired by each other and have the final result be greater than the sum of its parts.

.Hindsight is the fifth exhibition in the SWAP series, initiated by Karin Peulen and hosted at B32. In this exhibition, artists Ilse Van Roy, Fee Veraghtert, Famke Storms and Louisa Vergozisi come together to create an exhibition that highlights the places where their practices overlap: in special attention to detail, emphasis on formal aspects such as colour, shapes and spatial composition, and utmost care and precision.


Hindsight is on show at B32 from 9 October until 6 November 2022. Join us at the opening on Sunday 9 October at 15.00.

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